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Hot LED MCPCB Depaneling
V Scored PCB Depaneling Aluminium LED MCPCB Motorize PCB Separator For PCBA

LED Lighting Aluminium Pcb Board depaneling machine

Features :

1 . It is electric control ,this type separator machines were designed to separate pre-scored panel boards carefully, without bending or tension stress .
2 . No vibration during the process to prevent damage to precise PCB
3 . Gap for insertion of the board can simply be adjusted by means of the adjusting knob , low friction design is applied
4 . Lower knife height adjustable , no thin plates are required after re-sharpening the cutting blade
5 . Separation led panel with fast speed
6 . The blades can be regrind .
7 . With competitive price

Pcb separator advantages :

1. It is safty, Separates large numbers of PCBs without fatigue of the operator
2. Motor driven
3. The PCB is feed between the circular blades where it is seized, transported and separated
4. Different speeds can be selected
5 . We can made plate according the customers requirement .
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