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Thermode Hotbar Soldering Machine
Thermode Pulse Heating Soldering Machine For FPC TAB FFC

Thermode Soldering Machine Hotbar Welding Machine For PCB FPC FFC TAB

Technology parameters

Model YES-H
Max. Working Area 200mm X 260mm
Fixture 1 set
working air pressure 0.45-0.7Mpa
Temperature setting 20-500°C
Temperature precision ±2°C
hot-pressing time 1-99 s
force head pressure 0.1-0.6 MPa
voltage 110V/220V
Size 620mm X 690mm X 570mm
Weight 90Kg
momentary welding Power 2000W


1. Closed Loop PID temperature control with visible LED display
2. LCD display programmable pressure switch for precise force control
3. Each heating cycle is triggered by a real time pressure sensor
4. Floating thermode ensures consistent pressure and heat transfer
between the thermode head and the parts to be joined
5. Silicon rubber can be fitted in bonding Heat Seal Connectors
between LCD and PCB
6. Standard workpiece holder is mounted on a linear guideway and
designed to allow for easy changeover and repeatable operation
7. Parts registration is adjusted by micrometer and secured by vacuum
8. Optional CCD system for fine pitch component
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