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Automatic Bulb Cap Crimping Nailing Testing Machine
Lamp Cap Hole Punching machine Bulb Cap Nailing Machine For E27 B22 E22

Applied for E26/E27/E14/B22 etc lamp cap punching.
This machine applied for E26/E27/E14/B22. etc lamp cap punching,apply a mark dot on lamp cap, to locked between lamp cap to plastic parts . It can adjust the mark dot depth according to process necessary,easily operation ,safety,low labor,high efficiency. Can realize in single or double working station to operate.

Outline Size:(L*W*H) 565*450*540mm
Min Punching Dot:±0.02mm
Power Rating:50W
Input Voltage:220VAC,50HZ
Air Pressure:0.5Mpa
Net Weight:50kg
Punching Pin Life:500000-1000000 Times
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