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Wire Cutting Stripping Machine
Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine:It can be used to cut and strip the wires and cables automatically
( 2016 New Style Wire Stripping Machine /Cable Stripping Machine)

Technical Parameters( 2016 New Style Wire Stripping Machine /Cable Stripping Machine):

Wire range
0.1-6.0mm² (AWG10-AWG32)
Min twisting length 30mm
Stripping lengths Front end :0-50mm (1.95in)

Rear end: 0-30mm (1.17in)
Twisting lengths Front end :0-50mm (1.95in)
Rear end: 0-30mm (1.17in)
Max. conduit diameter 6-7mm(0.234-0.273in)
Length accuracy
83-167pcs/min (L=100mm)
Noise level
Electrical connection
AC 220/110V/50/60HZ 450W
Operation interface
Wire material
PVC ,Teflon, Braided ,Fiberglass Wire
Machine dimension:
420*390*280mm (16.38*15.21*10.92in)
Weight: 32kg


Mechanical and electrical. Microcomputer for the integration of the fully automatic computer wire stripping machine is a kind of the introduction of Japan, Taiwan and other advanced technology of automatic numerical control equipment. Widely used in electronic industry, automobile industry, electrical appliances, motors, lamps, toys and other kinds of wiring harness processing products. Optimum strip wire line with teflon/PVC/silicone /. Glass fiber, etc. This product USES LCD screen people dialogue mode, has a beautiful appearance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance, fast speed, high precision characteristics. Wire length can be set freely, according to the customer request to modify, can strip wire of different thickness, also have to row lines, sheathed cable, power cable and casing shear and other functions.
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