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Prototype PCB Router
CNC Prototype PCB Routing Machine For PCBA PCB Router Depaneling

1. Application
This machine suit for the separating of all kinds of irregular PCB and stamp hole PCB, supporting the program of dots, lines, arcs, L, circles and other paths. It can avoid cracks and component damages caused by artificial fold.

4. Bench-top Automatic PCB Router Advantages:
1) Single table desktop cutting machine, with max running speed 500 mm/s and cutting speed 100 mm/s.
2) Can cut uninterruptedly during the loading and unloading.
3) The high quality rotating system makes the system to accelerate and decelerate fast, and keep high accuracy at the same time.
4) High rigidity and high performance are kept by the using of high quality hardware.

5) All the screw guider covered to prevent the entering of dust and dirt, which can improve the life and performance of the shaft.

5. Specifications
1) Driving Motor: Stepper Motor
2) Principal Axis: Domestic
3) Running Speed: 500 mm/s
4) Cutting Speed: Max 100 mm/s, depends on the material of the board and cutting effects
5) Repeated Accuracy of Driving System: +/- 0.02 mm
6) Resolution: + / - 0.01 mm
7) Configuration: X, Y and Z axis, 300*300*100 mm, can be customized
8) Repeated Accuracy: <0.1mm, for the profile of straight line and curve.
9) Circuit Board Positioning: Special or Standard fixture
10) Loading and Unloading Method: Artificial way
11) Circuit Board Thickness: 0.4mm-4mm
12) Security Settings: Machine Emergency Stop, Principle Emergency Stop, Detection of Overheating and Overload of the Principle Axis Motor.

6. Cutter Parameters
1) Specification: 0.8/ 1.0/ 1.2/ 1.5 mm
2) Working Life: Cutting up to 35-40 m

7. Principle Axis Specification
Power: 300W
Maximum Rotate Speed: 60000 r/ min
Cooling: Air Cooling
Working Life: 5-6 Years
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